Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Project Server 2010 - Visual Upgrade

When you upgrade a Project Server 2007 instance to 2010 the project workspaces actually come across with the exact same look and feel as they were in the 2007 enviornment. As part of this upgrade, you can choose to perform a visual upgrade on any individual web (project site). This option can be found under Site Actions>Site Settings menu. Then click on the 'Title, description and icon' link. Down the bottom right corner, there are three options. Now this is off the top of my head but if i get time to double check the exact wording, I'll update this post later.
  1. Leave - Keeps the site look and feel in the previous 2007 format.
  2. Preview visual upgrade - Lets you view the site if it were upgraded but does not commit the setting.
  3. Commit visual upgrade - Doing this removes these three options permenately but apparently you can revers this action via PowerShell if you need. A bit of bing magic should find the exact syntax you require.
Now this is handy to know but what if you had just upgraded a Project Server environment containing over 500 sites. Would I have to upgrade each project site individually? The answer, thankfully, is no. You can find a visual upgrade setting at the site collection level (Site Actions>Site Settings>Visual Upgrade of the base site collection site). By setting the upgrade here, it will cascade the visual upgrade to all sub web of the site collection. Very handy to know for those big upgrades.

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