Tuesday, February 7, 2012

MS Project Professional 2010 - The Following Job Failed To Complete

You’re busily working on you project schedule in Microsoft Project Professional 2010 and despite your best efforts in saving the schedule every few minutes (ctrl + s) for some reason you have a memory lapse and it’s now been three hour since you saved the schedule. You Save the project only to discover the shock horror of a save error.



The following job failed to complete.

Job Type: Save

Error ID -2146823237(0x800A13BB)

Error Description: Attachment:Maximum retry on the connection exceeded.




This error is caused when you have lost your network connection. Especially if you are using a wireless connection and radio noise randomly causes the connection to drop and reconnect intermittently. Now this could only be for a brief moment but unfortunately the error continues to complain even once the connection has been restored.



1.       Fear not, the fix is quite simple. Take the schedule offline by clicking File>Info.

2.       Select the ‘Manage Accounts’ option and then click ‘Work Offline’

3.       Once your network connection has been restored Navigate to File>Info>Manage Accounts>Connect to Server

4.       Your connection to Project Server will be restored. Now you are able to Save or publish the schedule again. Watch the message in the bottom right corner of the MS Porject client to confirm your changes have been synchronised back into Project Server.

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